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Easy Easter crafts for kids to make

New Easy Easter crafts for kids to make

Easter Egg Wreath Craft

This Easter Egg Wreath Craft is a fantastic way to let your child express their

Easter Bunny Place Card Holder Craft

Have your child make the place card holders for Easter dinner!

Sock Puppet Bunny Craft

This bunny is a great Easter craft for kids that is a fun toy when it is done.

Easter Bunny Bag Craft

Our Easter bunny bag craft turns a simple white gift bag into an adorable Easter

Handprint Easter Basket Craft

This handprint Easter basket craft is a fantastic kids craft for Easter.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft

Make your own fluffy Easter Bunny from items around the house!

Easter Egg Sun Catcher Craft

Coloring Easter eggs with our kids is one of our favorite holiday activities.

Easter Egg Chick Craft

Make an adorable Easter chick from a styrofoam egg! This little chick is sure to

Easter Bunny Ears Craft

A great Easter craft for kids is to make bunny ears that they can wear and play

Easter Chick Embellishment Craft

Use this cute little chick craft to brighten up just about anything.

Bunny Mask Craft

Here is an opportunity to make your Bunny Mask and become the Easter Bunny.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft

Young crafters will delight in this easy to make Paper Plate Easter Bunny.

Easter Critters Napkin Rings Craft

The kids will beam from ear to ear when the adults admire their handiwork.

Pony Bead Cross Necklace Craft

This Pony Bead Cross Necklace to wear yourself or give to a friend.

Kids Easter Bunny Napkin Ring Craft

This Kids Easter Bunny Napkin Ring is just what you need to make the kids' table

Bunny, Carrot, and Chick Easter Cones Craft

This Easter craft is so cute and would make a great gift for friends or teachers

Marshmallow Bunny Craft

Who doesn't like marshmallows and the kids will love this yummy little Marshmall

Napkin Bunny Craft

Unique Napkin Bunny!

Mini Easter Bonnet Pin Craft

Moms and Grandmoms would be delighted to receive it as a special gift on Easter.

Easter Bunny Card Craft

It's a great opportunity to make the kids a part of your Easter celebration.

Stuck Easter Bunny Craft

This adorable Easter craft is so fun to make.

Flowered Easter Bonnet Craft

Make this hat to wear in your own little Easter Parade or use it as a centerpiec

Hanging Easter Ornaments Craft

Make your own salt dough and start rolling out these cute Easter ornaments to ha

Easter Weaving Craft

This activity is not only fun for Easter.

Easter Chicken Handbag Craft

We had a lot of fun making this Easter Chicken Handbag.

Easter Rabbit Basket Craft

Here's a quick and easy way to make an Easter Rabbit Basket.

Easter Chick Mini Egg Holder Craft

Who can resist mini eggs? What could make them better? Of course a cute Easter c

Humpty Dumpty Egg Craft

Simple Humpty Dumpty craft for preschoolers.

Foam Stamp Craft

Let the kids make their own stamps using plastic caps and some craft foam shapes

Foam Egg Chick Craft

Homemade Easter gifts for family and for decoration!

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