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New Farm animal crafts

Horse Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Puppets make for hours of fun creative play.

Cottonball Sheep Craft

These fuzzy creatures are fun to make and play with.

Clay Pot Farm Animals Craft

These clay pot farm animals from Polyform make great craft ideas for clay pots.

Moose Paper Bag Puppet Craft

This Paper Bag Moose will costs lots of fun hours of crafting and puppet play fo

Highland Cow Craft

Highland Cows look a little different from the cows we are used to seeing in the

Cute Cork Kitten Craft

Turn some of those corks that you saved into this Cute Cork Kitten with help fr

TP Bunny Craft

This cute Bunny made from a Toilet Paper roll is a fun project for younger child

Origami Bunny Craft

Here's a cute Bunny to add to your Origami collection.

Floppy Ear Bunny Craft

This Floppy Ear Bunny is a fun and easy craft for young children utilizing a pap

Lion and Lamb Paper Plate Craft

This Lion and Lamb Paper Plate Craft illustrates the old saying that Spring come

Rabbit Pop UP Craft

Pop Ups are intriguing crafts for kids to make and play with afterward.

Plastic Egg Duck Craft

The cute Plastic Egg Duck is sure to be a favorite with all the kids and it take

Recycled Egg Carton Animals Craft

Recycle all of those egg cartons from Easter to make Recycled Egg Carton Animals

Thumbprint Chicks Craft

Young children are always intrigued with turning their handprints or in this cas

Paper Loop Lamb Craft

This adorable Paper Loop Lamb will be a favorite for the kids to make and you pr

Paper Plate Goose Craft

This Paper Plate Goose is so much fun to make and display for all the family to

Lamb Placecard Craft

Let this adorable Lamb Placecard help you find your place at the Easter dinner

Footprint Horse Craft

This horse craft is also great farm animal craft to make with your preschooler.

Loopy Yarn Sheep Craft

These Loopy Yarn Sheep will make a fun addition to the wide variety of sheep cra

Lion and Lamb Paper Plate Craft

This is also a good Sunday School project to illustrate the story of the Lion an

Puzzle Piece Lamb Craft

What could be more fun than this Recycled Puzzle Piece Lamb?

Bean Bag Bunny Craft

Select the Bean Bag Bunny for our feature craft for kids.

Paper Bag Goat Puppet Craft

This Paper Bag Goat Puppet is another addition to our Barnyard Paper Bag Puppets

Milk Jug Piggy Bank Craft

Recycle and save your pennies too with this Milk Jug Piggy Bank.

Quilled Duck Craft

We're calling this a Quilled Duck, but it might also be a chick.

Wiggly Pig Finger Puppet Craft

This cute little pig is very wiggly and and great for creating little imaginary

Hen Greetings Card Craft

We loved Claire's paper plate rocking chicken and decided to make our own greeti

Bedazzled Sheep

This is a really cheap and fun activity for little ones.

Baby Chick Greeting Card Craft

This card can be used for all occasions and is a fun, easy craft for children of

Rocking Chicken Craft

Not only does this chicken look great but you can rock her back and forth and it

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