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Fish crafts for kids

New Fish crafts for kids

Toothpick Puffer Fish Craft

Love making this Toothpick Puffer Fish Craft.

Recycled Water Bottle Fish Craft

Great way to reinforce a lesson on keeping our waters clean.

Fish Picture Frame Craft

This is a great craft for kids to help create, and one that is so cute it always

Pom Pom Goldfish Craft

Here's one more fun craft to add to your pom pom collection.

Paper Plate Fish Craft

Our paper plate fish craft is a fun, easy craft made with materials you most lik

Giant Sea Squid Craft

This fun activity requires just a few common craft and household items and is su

Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft

All you need to make one of these are scissors, sticky tape, and a few leftover

New Handprint Fish Card Craft

Handprint Fish Card Craft.

Whale Watching Craft

They are so cute and cheap to make.

Decorated Party Bag Craft

We made our print by pressing paper onto a paint-covered textured pad cut from a

X-Ray Fish Craft

This craft will surely capture kids' imagination!

Handprint Fish in Tank Craft

Make your kid's handprint a cute fish swimming in a fish bowl.

Handprint fish Craft

With the handprint fishes, you can have a cute fish tank.

Orange Heart Fish Craft

The heart fish craft is a great craft to learn the concept of size.

Heart Fish Craft

The heart fish craft is a great craft to learn the concept of size.

Felt Fishing Craft

Felt Fishing game is a classic and cute family game.

Blue Whale Craft

Blue Whale Craft is a fun and easy craft that even little kids can enjoy the cra

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