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Easy Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft to make
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Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft

Materials you will need:
Brown paper lunch bag
Yellow, brown, orange, black, blue, and red construction paper
2 googly eyes

How to make Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft:

1. Use the newspaper to stuff your brown paper lunch bag. Be careful not to stuff it too full! Tape the top of the bag closed.
2. Print out our template above. Cut out the shapes and trace them on construction paper. The smile is black, the hat is brown, the hat ribbon and bow are blue, the nose is orange, and the leaf is red.
3. Cut out all of the pieces.
4. Cut a few one inch wide strips of yellow construction paper.
5. Glue the bow onto the bag towards the bottom. Glue the tiny yellow square in the middle of the bow.
6. Glue the smile on above the bow. Then glue on the googly eyes so they are at the same height as the top of the smile. Then glue the nose in the middle.
7. Cut the yellow construction paper strips to various lengths and glue along the top of the bag as hair.
8. To make the hat, glue the blue strip to the tall rounded portion of the hat. Then glue the brim of the hat on so that it leaves a bit of the blue strip exposed, but not all of it exposed. Glue the red leaf on the side of the hat. Glue that hat onto your scarecrow.