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Easy Apple Print Wreath Craft to make
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Apple Print Wreath Craft

Materials you will need:
White, green, and brown paper
Red paint
Plate for paint
Paint brush

How to make Apple Print Wreath Craft:

1. Cut your apple in half.
2. Place some paint on a paper plate and dip the apple into the paint. Or, apply the paint using a brush right onto the apple.
3. Stamp the apple onto the white paper to make several prints.
4. While the prints are drying cut out a doughnut shape for your wreath.
5. When the prints have dried cut the outline of the apple.
6. Get your brown paper and cut out small stems for each of the apples and small leafs from your green paper as well.
7. Glue your stems and leafs onto the apples and then glue the apples onto your wreath. And you're done!