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Easy Hummingbird Craft to make
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Hummingbird Craft

Materials you will need:
Hummingbird template
Silver paint
Blue and green finger paint
Paint brush
Black and white construction paper
Black marker

How to make Loopy Yarn Sheep Craft:

1. Paint the white construction paper silver - cover the whole sheet. Set this aside to dry. This step is optional - it provides a nice shimmer under the finger paint, but if you don't have silver paint on hand it's not crucial.
2. When the silver paint is dry, have your child finger paint with blue and green paint. Try to encourage them to cover the entire sheet of paper with the paint.
3. Optional: if you want a little extra shimmer, have your child sprinkle on some glitter while the paint is wet. Remember with a younger child, an open bottle of glitter is most likely to get dumped in one spot!
4. Print the hummingbird template and cut out the pieces.
5. When the finger paint is dry, trace the template pieces onto the painted paper and cut the pieces out.
6. Fold the wings and the tail piece accordion style.
7. Glue the pieces together and use the marker to draw on the bird's eyes.