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Easy Dragon Puppet Craft to make
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Dragon Puppet Craft

Materials you will need:
Individual-sized cereal boxes, two
Acrylic craft paint: green, red, pink
Green fabric, fat-quarter
Wiggle eyes
Plastic serrated knife
Glue gun and glue sticks
Needle and thread

How to make Dragon Puppet Craft:

1. Carefully open one end of each cereal box and empty out cereal. Cut away two side flaps and top flap on one box; do not cut off the bottom flap. On remaining box, cut away all four flaps. These two boxes will form the dragon's mouth, and the one remaining flap will serve as the "hinge" holding the boxes together.
2. Stack the two boxes together, so that the side with the remaining flap is on top of the second box and the flap is positioned to fold down and into the second box, forming the "hinge" for the mouth. Fold flap into second box and glue securely to inside of lower box, so boxes are now attached and form the mouth of the puppet.
3. Cut two, 1" x 4" felt strips. These strips will form loops inside the boxes so that small hands can better move the mouth. Add one strip to the inside bottom of the top box; adjust so that the child's four fingers can fit comfortably under the strip; glue down ends of strip. Add second strip to the inside top of the bottom box; adjust so that the child's thumb can fit comfortably under the strip and glue down ends of strip. Let glue dry.
4. Using serrated plastic knife, cut small slice from the bottoms of the two, 2" foam balls. Glue to the top box for eyes.
5. Glue two 1" balls of STYROFOAM™ brand foam to the front end of the top box for nostrils.
6. Cut the 1 ½" ball of STYROFOAM brand foam in half and glue to either side of the top box for cheeks.
7. Cut the remaining 1" balls in half and glue onto the puppet for warts.
8. If desired, paint cereal box with block-out white paint or gesso; let dry. Paint the boxes and STYROFOAM brand foam with green acrylic paint. Let dry.
9. Cut fat-quarter to measure 17" x 18". Fold the fabric in half, right sides together, forming 8-1/2" x 18" tube. Starting from the top, sew a ½" seam 12" long, leaving the last 6" open.
10. Turn under ½" at top of tube and gather loosely so fabric tube fits snugly around the back of the puppet mouth. Glue sleeve to back edge of puppet low-temp glue gun.
11. Glue wiggle eyes to front of 2" balls.