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Easy Animal Jars to make

Animal Jars

What you'll need
Clean, empty glass jars
Felt, any color you like
Pom poms (for noses)
White craft glue
Wiggle eyes
Gesso (recommended: Liquitex Basics Gesso) or white craft paint
Helpful Tip:
Get creative and make whatever animals you like. Use jars from jelly, mayonnaise, pickles and other condiments. You can use hot glue for attaching the felt to the lids if you like.
How to make it
Print the patterns.

Remove lid from jar and paint with a layer of Gesso or white paint. Let dry. (See photo.)

Line the top of the lid with glue. Pipe glue around the outside rim as well.

Place lid, glue side down, onto a piece of felt.  Wrap felt around lid and rim and hold snugly so glue can begin to grab. (See photo.) Sometimes felt will soak up the first layer of craft glue. If this happens, pipe more glue around the rim and repeat.

Trim the excess felt around the edge of the rim. (See photo.)

Fill the jar with whatever knick knacks, toys, or coins that you like.

Return the felted lid to the jar.

Cut additional animal pieces (ears, cheeks, trunks) from pattern to create animal faces. We used contrasting colors for some of our designs. For example, we used a brighter yellow for the cat's cheeks to stand out against its face. (See photo.)  If creating the cat or dog, cut out long thin strips of felt for the whiskers and glue them on top of the cheeks.

Glue the facial parts in place. Use pom poms for noses. (See photo.)

Glue on wiggle eyes.

Let glue dry and you're done!