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Easy Tissue Paper Earth Day Globe Craft to make
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Tissue Paper Earth Day Globe Craft

Materials you will need:
Styrofoam craft ball
Green tissue paper
Blue tissue paper
Pink or red tissue paper
White kids glue
Paint brush
Black sharpie

How to make Tissue Paper Earth Day Globe Craft:

1. Cut your green and blue tissue paper into 1-inch squares. You will need several of these to cover 1 ball, so cut quite a bit.
2. Cut your red or pink tissue paper into small hearts. You'll only need a few of these - I used 3 per ball.
3. Pour some white blue in a bowl and grab your paint brush. Start painting glue all over your foam ball. As you add glue to the ball, press blue tissue paper squares on the glue. Continue this until the entire ball is covered in blue tissue paper squares. Brush the entire thing with a thin layer of glue to seal the tissue paper squares onto the ball.
4. Now we're going to add some green squares for land. Put some glue over the blue tissue paper in areas where you want to add land. Put your green tissue paper squares over the glue. When finished, brush all the green squares with a thin layer of glue to seal them.
5. Grab a pink or red heart and place a dab of glue on your earth where you want the heart. Stick on the heart. I repeated this 3 times (placed the hearts on top of eachother) to make it stand out more. When finished, brush a thin layer of glue over the heart.
6. Place your earth on top of a cup or a plastic bottle cap and allow to fully dry. Mine took at least overnight. Once dry, carefully remove your earth from the stand (cup or bottle cap).
7. Grab your black sharpie and draw a sweet little face on your earth.