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Easy Easter Egg Wreath Craft to make
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Easter Egg Wreath Craft

Materials you will need:
Paper plate
Easter grass
Construction paper (many colors)
White Glue
String or ribbon
Easter Egg Template
Crayons, markers, stickers, glitter, sequins, etc.

How to make Easter Egg Wreath Craft:

1. Carefully cut the center out of a paper plate. Discard the center.
2. Glue a looped piece of ribbon or string on the back of the plate ring as a hanger.
3. Turn the plate ring over and glue down a light layer of Easter grass.
4. Print out the Easter Egg Template. You need approximately 11 large eggs from the template for the craft.
5. Use the template and cut out the eggs from construction paper.
6. Decorate the eggs however you please!
7. Glue each egg to the paper plate ring so that they slightly overlap.