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Easy Cottonball Sheep Craft to make
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Cottonball Sheep Craft

Materials you will need:
Masking tape
Some old cardboard or construction paper
Cotton balls
School glue

How to make Cottonball Sheep Craft:

1. Make a newspaper ball! This is a very simple project suitable for all ages. You'll want to start out by balling up your piece of newspaper. Crumple it tight, then add a quick layer of tape to hold the shape. You should end up with a mostly round ball.
2. Make your legs! The next step is making the legs. First you'll need to poke four holes into your paper ball. I used a pen for this. Then stick in your straws and trim them down to the size you like. Remember to try and make the legs the same length (this will make the sheep sturdier).
3. Add your cotton balls! Now you can start gluing on your cotton balls. Start gluing them using normal school glue. I found that packing the cotton balls tight together gives the sheep a nice lumpy, wool look.
4. Make a sheep face! The final step is making the face. You will only need a few pieces for this. Cut out an oval for the head, some small leaf shaped ears, and two circles for the eyes. Glue or tape these pieces together to make a sheep face. The size and position of the eyes and ears will really change your sheep's expression!
5. Add your face to the body! Now just tape the head right onto the body. Voila! Your sheep is complete!
6. Make more! This project can also be made using a plastic container as the body. Also any tennis ball or similarly shaped object will work. I made a bigger sheep as an example.
7. A flock of cotton ball sheep! Every sheep needs a flock. Remember to have fun!