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Easy Father's Day card Craft to make
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Father's Day card Craft

Father Day card Craft

Materials you will need:
Popsicle sticks
Card stock
Markers/pencils and other decorative things

How to make Father's Day card Craft:

1. Line up 11 popsicle sticks, then remove one, leaving the gap.
2. Glue two popsicle sticks across the line. I used a hot glue gun because I'm impatient, but ordinary craft glue is fine.
3. Glue another stick diagonally between the first two sticks. Looks like a gate, doesn't it?
4. Cut the card stock, leaving about 1.5cm gap around the gate and about 10cm above the gate.
5. Now we use 4 more popsicle sticks to create the gate frame in a nice arch. Glue these sticks to the paper (don't glue the gate!).
6. You can make a wooden sign to hang down by cutting the rounded ends off three sticks and gluing some twine along the back of them.
7. Glue this to the frame and trim the excess twine.
8. Put the gate in place and mark a spot where you can see through the gap.
9. Draw a little cheeky face in the marked spot.
10. Better still, print a photo of Dad and kids and line it up so that a face is visible through the gap! Finish off with a nice message.
11. Turn the gate over and trace a coffee cup to draw a circle.
12. Decorate Dad's coaster. You can see I've glued a loop of twine to the back of the gate for opening. You can use sticky tape so it comes off when it becomes a coaster.
13. Use tape to attach the gate to the frame. The tape acts as a hinge, but it can be easily removed for when Dad wants to use his coaster.
14. Add some final decorations and you're done.