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Easy Fathers Day Origami Tie Craft to make
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Fathers Day Origami Tie Craft

Materials you will need:
Willing Hands
Origami Paper or other material

How to make Fathers Day Origami Tie Craft:

1. Start with your paper colored sidedown, then fold in half along the diagonal.
2. Unfold. Fold the outside corners into the center, making sure taht the edges line up along the center line.
3. Check the photos below as illustrations. Flip it over.
4. Fold the top point down.
5. Fold it immediately back up again, stopping a little way short of the top edge. Now Fold once more, this time along the dotted line as shown below.
6. Carefully fold little triangles at the edge of the "knot" of the tie.
7. Crease well, then open up again and flip you tie over.
8. Now bring the right corner into the center, matching the edge along the center line.
9. As you do so, a little triangle will form (as shown in the circled photo below) Ease it into position and crease down gently.
10. Repeat for the left side. Crease well, and flip over.