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Easy Felt Fishing Craft to make
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Felt Fishing Craft

Felt Fishing game is a classic and cute family game. Use magnets and paperclips to creat a fishing game quickly.

Felt Fishing Craft

Materials you will need:

Different colors felt
fish twine
Wiggle eyes
Long, thin stick
Construction paper
Thread and needle

How to make Felt Fishing Craft:

Draw a fish on the paper as a template of fish shape.
Use the fish shape as a pattern to trace your fish craft onto the felt and cut them out.
Glue the wiggle eye on the fish and slip the paperclip.
Cut two circles that can hide the magnet.
Use the thread to whipstitch around the edges. Remember, do not finish it. Pull your sting through to the inside and knot securely, then slip your magnet. Then, finish your whipstitch around the edges.
Now, enjoy your fishing!!!