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Easy Giant Sea Squid Craft to make
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Giant Sea Squid Craft

Materials you will need:
Large pieces of bubble wrap
One paper plate
One paper or plastic cup
Acrylic paints
Craft scissors
Masking tape
2 large wobbly eyes

How to make Giant Sea Squid Craft:

1. Using paper masking tape, attach the paper cup to the back of an upturned dinner-sized paper plate to create the squid's head.
2. Paint the attached plate and cup (but not the inside), and put it aside to dry.
3. While the paint dries, cut the bubble-wrap into eight longish strips about 4 or 5 centimetres wide.
4. When the paint has dried, turn the plate (with cup attached) upside down and sticky-tape the bubble-wrap strips to its unpainted inside.
5. Turning it around the right way up, glue the large wobbly eyes onto your squid's face. He (or she) is now complete.