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Easy Kwanzaa Chain Craft to make
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Kwanzaa Chain Craft

Materials you will need:
Red, Green and Black Construction Paper
Glue Stick
Black Marker

How to make Kwanzaa Chain Craft:

1. You can click on Printables and print out the colored symbols we have provided to glue to your Kwanzaa Chain or you can have the children cut pictures out of magazines.
2. Cut 1 1/2 inch strips out of the construction paper. We wrote the names of the seven sybols on the red and green strips and glued pictures on the black on.
3. After you have finished decorating the strips, form a circle with the first strip and glue the ends together. Loop the next strip inside that circle and glue the ends to start forming your chain. Continue until you have used up all your strips.
4. If you are working in a group you might want to connect all of the chains together to signify the unity of the group.