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Easy Panda Pajama Pillow Craft to make
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Panda Pajama Pillow Craft

Materials you will need:
Plush Felt
Rainbow Classic Felt
Pink satin picot ribbon
Two double red satin ribbon roses with green leaves
Soft sculpture needle
Enbroidery needle
Thread, black and white
Straight pins
6 Strand black embroidery floss
Glue gun
Fabric glue
Glue sticks

How to make Panda Pajama Pillow Craft:

To begin making your Panda Pajama Pillow, print Panda pattern. Enlarge on copy machine 150% or as large as you would like. Trace pattern on wrong side of Plush felt. Sew 1/4" seams unless specified otherwise. Back stitch all seams. When attaching features, hold in position, carefully life half at a time, apply glue to wrong sie 1/4" from edge, press in place, glue opposite side in same manner.