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Easy Antique Saucer Frames Craft to make
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Antique Saucer Frames Craft

Materials you will need:
Laser copies of photos
Mod Podge
Foam Brush

How to make Antique Saucer Frames Craft:

1. First you need some orphaned saucers. These are so easy to find if you don't already have some. Ask any flea market seller, or look at a garage sale. Cups always seem to get broken first, leaving their saucers behind.
2. Next, you need some laser copies of cute photos of you or family members or pets. Laser prints of your pictures are best. If you copy on an ink-jet printer, you will have to seal the copy with a spray sealant/fixative that can be purchased at a craft or art supply store. But I recommend going to Staples or FedEx/Kinkos and using their laser printer if you don't have one at home.
3. Cut out your little pictures to fit the wells of the saucers. Your compass from tenth grade geometry class might come in handy here. I usually find something around the house of approximately the same size, like the cap from a jelly jar, and trace around it to get a nice circle, then cut it out.
4. Next, apply some Mod Podge (I use the matte version) to the back of the picture, and place the picture on the saucer. Smooth out the paper with your fingers. Coat the top with Mod Podge.
5. It might be a good idea to give your picture a second topcoat after a couple hours.
6. For a final step, I have taken a gold metallic pen and made little dots around some of the pictures and glued some tiny buttons around one of the pictures with E-6000 glue for some extra embellishment.