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Easy Tin Can Tropical Hut Craft to make
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Tin Can Tropical Hut Craft

Materials you will need:
Empty can of peanuts
Orange, white, and black paint
Glue or tape
Brown and green construction paper

How to make Tin Can Tropical Hut Craft:

1. Paint the outside of the can of peanuts white. ( repeat this step after it is dry. Then paint it orange) when the outside is completed, paint some doors and windows on it with your black paint
2. Take your brown piece of paper and bend it into a cone shape. Tape the two sides together to keep that shape.
3. Cut strips of brown paper about an inch long and a half an inch wide
4. Glue or tape those strips of paper to the cone ( this will be the roof for your hut)
5. Tape or glue the roof to the top of the peanut can ( your hut is finished)
6. Optional tree- roll up a piece of brown paper and tape the outside to hold it together
7. Cut long curved shapes out of green paper
8. Tape or glue the leaves to the bottom of the tree