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Easy Firecracker Party Favors Craft to make
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Firecracker Party Favors Craft

Materials you will need:
Empty Toilet Paper Tube
Red, White and Blue Vinyl Tape
Red Tissue Paper
Silver Pipe Cleaners
Foamie Stars
Small Goodies

How to make Firecracker Party Favors Craft:

1. Cut a 2 1/2" circle out of tissue paper. Place it over the end of an empty tp tube and scotch tape in place.
2. Wrap that end with piece of red vinyl tape to make the first row.
3. Follow with additional rows of white and red.
4. Fill with goodies and completely cover the end with blue tape.
5. Finish by wrapping the rest of the tube with blue tape.
6. Glue on white stars.
7. Cut three 2" pieces of silver pipe cleaners and poke the ends into the top.
8. Glue a star on each end.
9. Leave on tables for decorations and let your guests take them when they leave. Goodies can be removed by poking through the tissue without destroying the rest of the fire cracker.