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Easy Egg Carton Critters Craft to make
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Egg Carton Critters Craft

Materials you will need:
Paper egg carton Acrylic paint and brushes Craft glue googly eyes
pipe cleaners
glitter glue

How to make Egg Carton Critters Craft:

1. Check the picture below of the egg carton used for these critters.
2. It has large "towers" in the center that protect the eggs. This design is found in cartons that sell 18 eggs or more. If you don't have this in your carton you can still make the short alien above and make your own legs from craft sticks.
Note: Adult assistance may be needed to cut the egg carton. This one is pressed and molded paper and very thick.
3. For the aliens with the legs, you will use the center cups. Cut out the cup including the sides of the towers as the "legs." In the picture below, I colored in the area that you are cutting out.