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Easy Dahlia Wall Decoration Craft to make
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Dahlia Wall Decoration Craft

Materials you will need:
Colored art paper or thick paper
Hot glue

How to make Dahlia Wall Decoration Craft:

1. Take a square shaped paper, size of your choice. Start rolling the paper from any corner (diagonally).
2. Keep rolling it to create a cone shape. Glue the side to secure the cone. Similarly make enough cones to complete the wreath. Use 3-4 different colored papers to make the cones and also keep in mind that the cones should be of 4 different sizes. One size for each layer.
3. Done making the cones? Now prepare the base. Cut out a round piece out of cardboard. The base should be large enough to fit all the cones nicely.
4. Start gluing the cones on the round cardboard piece from the outer edge. Glue the large ones around the edge and the smaller while moving towards the center. It feels great how the dahlia pattern blooms while gluing the cones.