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Easy Octopus Counting Craft to make
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Octopus Counting Craft

Materials you will need:
Large piece of blue paper
2 different colors of construction paper for the legs and head
Green construction paper

How to make Octopus Counting Craft:

1. Choose a color of construction paper and cut it into a half circle for the head.
2. Next choose a different color of paper and cut it into 8 long wavy strips for the legs.
3. Using your green paper cut it to look like sea weed.
4. Get your octopus legs and draw or attach circles or any shape you would like on each leg. One circle for one leg, 2 circles for another leg, 3 circles for the next and so on until you get to the 8th leg and draw 8 circles on the 8th leg.
5. Attach eyes and a smile on the octopus head along with numbers 1-8 written on the bottom.
6. Grab your large piece of blue paper and construct your octopus with the head on top and the sea weed on the bottom. Have your child grab a leg and count how many dots there are and decide which number it goes under. And you have yourself a fun octopus!