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Easy Frankenstein Pumpkin Craft to make
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Frankenstein Pumpkin Craft

Materials you will need:
Americana Acrylics
Snow (Titanium) White
Peony Pink
Lamp (Ebony) Black
Sour Apple
Funkin, JoAnn's Model Magic, green
Wiggle eyes
Low-temp hot glue gun and glue sticks
Tracing and transfer paper
#3 round brush
2" sponge brush
Black boa

How to make Frankenstein Pumpkin Craft:

1. Pinch off three balls of Model Magic. Roll one ball into nose shape and press remaining balls into ear shapes. Position and adhere to Funkin.
2. Use sponge brush to paint Funkin, ears, and nose Sour Apple.
3. Mix small amount of Peony Pink into Sour Apple. Lightly brush on mix for cheeks and nose.
4. Draw mouth and tooth onto pumpkin.
5. Use round brush to paint tooth Snow White. Paint mouth and stitches with Lamp Black.
6. Position and adhere wiggle eyes.
7. Beginning with stem, position and adhere boa. Continue to wrap and adhere boa in circles to form hair.