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Easy Pumpkin In A Jar Craft to make
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Pumpkin In A Jar Craft

Materials you will need:
Americana Paints
Snow (Titanium) White
Baby Blue
Lamp (Ebony) Black
Hauser Light Green
Tangelo Orange
Brushes: BL1000-B - Liner
Craft Twinkles
Christmas Green
Americana Star Lite Varnish
Star Lite Topcoat
Americana Spray Sealers
Americana Matte Spray
Multi-Purpose Sealer
flat brush
flat brush
Water container
Paper towels
Palette or plastic plate
Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
Scissors or craft knife
Tracing and transfer paper
Stylus or pen
Self-adhesive paper
Green chenille stem
Green craft foam

How to make Pumpkin In A Jar Craft:

1. jar in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry completely. Use scissors to cut out green foam leaf shapes.
2. Use craft knife or scissors to cut mouth shape from self-adhesive paper. Position and press shape onto jar. Basecoat jar and lid with Multi-Purpose Sealer.
3. Paint lid and neck of jar Hauser Light Green. Paint remainder of jar Pumpkin.
4. Trace and transfer patterns for eyes and nose, or use chalk pencil to draw shapes on jar.
5. Side load #12 flat brush with Tangelo Orange and float color in vertical stripes on jar.
6. Paint eyes Snow White with Baby Blue irises and Lamp Black pupils. Highlight with Snow White.
7. Paint nose Tangelo Orange.
8. Remove adhesive paper from mouth area.
9. Use liner brush and Lamp Black to outline shapes.
10. Brush Star Lite Topcoat over jar and Christmas Green Craft Twinkles over leaves and lid.
11. Mist jar and lid with Americana Matte Spray.
12. Twist chenille stem around jar top. Position and adhere foam leaves onto chenille stem ends.