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Easy April Showers Mobile Craft to make
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April Showers Mobile Craft

Materials you will need:
Coat hanger
Paper towel roll
Large cereal box
White and blue paint
Foam paint brush

How to make April Showers Mobile Craft:

1.Cut out the front or back of the cereal box.
2.Lay the hanger on top of it and trace a cloud shape. Make it as big as possible, overlapping the edges of the hangar.
3.Crease firmly along one side of the paper towel roll, forming a raindrop shape.
4.Make a series of cuts halfway across the roll, through both layers, starting at the crease. Try to make 8 even sections.
5.Then cut the rest of the way around each section, through only one layer.
6.Paint the cloud white and the raindrops blue. Let dry.
7.Cut lengths of thread/yarn and tie the end of each one to the top of each raindrop.
8.Tie the other ends of the strings to the bottom edge of the hanger. Tie a couple of them to the bottoms of other raindrops for a tiered effect.
9.Lay hanger on top of cloud. Tape hanger in place.