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Easy Ocean Flower Pot Craft to make
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Ocean Flower Pot Craft

Materials you will need:
Small clay pot
Light blue, light brown, green, red and purple paint
White glue
Hot glue gun
Paint brushes
Dyed pasta shells

How to make Ocean Flower Pot Craft:

1. Paint the top half of the flower pot light blue. Paint the bottom half of the flower pot light brown.
2. Mix some white glue into the brown paint and heavily apply the mixture over the brown area of the pot. Sprinkle on some sand while the mixture is still wet.
3. Once the sand is dry, use the red paint to paint a crab walking along the sand. Paint seaweed growing out of the sand and a fish or two swimming by. Use your imagination!
4. Use the hot glue gun and attach the dyed pasta shells around the rim of the flower pot. Please do not let your children do this step unless they are old enough to respect the glue gun and are well supervised.
5. Plant your favorite flower!