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Easy Floating Boat Craft to make
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Floating Boat Craft

Materials you will need:
Wooden dowel
Scotch tape
Sticky tack
2 pieces of any colored cardstock
1 small piece of craft foam
10 inches of string
Clean, small, plastic container
Tacky or hot glue
anchor template

How to make Floating Boat Craft:

1. Using the markers or crayons, decorate the cardstock to look like a sail. The two sails can be identical, or your child can make them different. Be sure to only decorate one side of the cardstock since the other side will not show.
2. Tape one of the sails to the top of the dowel so that the cardstock hangs over the top by one inch. Turn the other piece of cardstock around so it is facing the opposite way and tape the edges to the other piece of cardstock.
3. Place a large wad of sticky tack in the center of the boat and stick the end of the dowel into the sticky tack. If your boat begins to tip, remove the wooden dowel, and break off the end. The boat should be able to stand without being held. Secure sticky tack with glue.
4. Use the anchor template to trace an anchor on craft foam. Cut the anchor out and glue the piece of string to the top of the anchor. Glue the other end of the string to the inside of the plastic container.
5. If desired, decorate your boat with markers.