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Easy Fishies Swimmin in the Sea Craft to make
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Fishies Swimmin in the Sea Craft

Materials you will need:
2- 5" Eggs
1- 7" Egg
6- 1" Balls
3- 1-1/2" Balls
1- 8" x 2" Disc
2- 6" x 2" Discs
1- 12mm Wiggle Eyes, pair
2- 10mm Wiggle Eyes, pair
3- Red Chenille Stems
3-16" Pieces of 16 Gauge Wire
3-1/8" Wood Dowels
Tissue Paper
Decorative Edge Scissors
Thick white Glue
Spray paint

How to make Fishies Swimmin in the Sea Craft:

1. Spray balls and one large and one small disc Cornflower Blue. Spray remaining disc Navy Blue. Spray eggs Sunflower Yellow. Let dry thoroughly.
2. Short Fringe: Cut across folded tissue paper 7" from the top. Fold this section in half to 3 1/2" wide. With decorative scissors, on the unfolded edge, cut 1/2" strips to make fringe. Repeat procedure with two or three other colors. Long Fringe: Cut a 16" piece from folded tissue paper for the tail. Fold in half to 8" wide. Cut 1/2" fringe strips on the unfolded end. Repeat with another color.
3. Glue fringe on egg starting at the wide part of the egg, about 1/3 of the way from the end. Apply glue around egg. Position fold of fringe over glue, then wrap folded end of tissue around egg, pressing into glue. Repeat procedure with another color of fringe offsetting fold about 1/2" from the first. Continue gluing fringe around egg until just the top 1/3 of the egg is showing.
4. Gather fringe for tail and twist folded end. Poke a hole at the bottom of the egg with a pencil, squirt glue in hole, then insert folded end of fringe in hole. Let glue dry.
5. Cut a 6" piece of chenille. Coil into a tight circle, then fold in half. Poke a slit at the front of the fish, then insert chenille mouth. Glue large wiggle eyes on big fish and smaller eyes on remaining fish. Bend the bottom 2" of the wire in a "L" shape. Insert small end of wire into fish above mouth (you can secure with a little glue, if desired). Glue ball bubbles on wire. Insert one end of dowels into bottom of fish, then the other end into the foam discs.