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Easy Styrofoam Lovebug Craft to make
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Styrofoam Lovebug Craft

Materials you will need:
Small styrofoam egg
Serrated knife
Pink construction paper
Red and pink craft paint
Black 3-D paint
2 googly eyes
Pink pipe cleaner
Pink craft foam
Paint brushes

How to make Styrofoam Lovebug Craft:

1. Use the serrated knife to cut a small amount of styrofoam off the side of the egg so that it will lay flat on it's side.
2. Paint the smaller tip of the egg pink and paint the remainder of the egg red.
3. Once the red body has dried, paint some pink hearts on it.
4. Glue two googly eyes onto the pink part of the egg (the face).
5. Cut a small circle out of craft foam and glue on the face of the lovebug under the eyes as a nose.
6. Use the black craft paint to paint a smile on the lovebug's face.
7. Cut the pipe cleaner in half and insert each half on the top of the bug behind the face portion.
8. Cut two small hearts out of craft foam and glue to the top of each pipe cleaner.
9. Cut two medium size hearts out of construction paper and glue onto the top of the bug to create wings.