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Easy Hugging Heart Craft to make
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Hugging Heart Craft

Materials you will need:
Red paper
Black texta
Glue or a stapler

How to make Hugging Heart Craft:

1. Draw a heart shape on to the red piece of paper.
2. Cut around it with scissors.
3. Draw a face on the heart.
4. Once the heart is cut, take some of the remainder of the red paper to cut two long, thin strips of equal size.
5. Fold both of the strips back and forth into 1 cm strips so that they look like this.
6. Gently stretch them out so that they retain a little of the fold lines.
7. Glue or staple these to the back of the heart.
8. There you have it, a fun, friendly looking hugging heart to give your loved one as a gift this Valentine's Day!