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Easy Cast Plaster Heart Charms Craft to make
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Cast Plaster Heart Charms Craft

Materials you will need:
Craft plaster
Disposable cup to mix the plaster
Silicone or flexible rubber heart ice cube tray
Tempera (poster) powder paint
Wooden skewer or cotton buds

How to make Cast Plaster Heart Charms Craft:

1. Put the plaster powder in an old plastic cup or tub and add several tablespoons of tempera (poster) powder paint. Mix the powders. Avoid skin contact and be careful not to inhale any powder.
2. Mix the plaster according to the manufacturers instructions. We used two parts plaster to one part water. We added the coloured plaster powder to the water and stirred until there were no lumps. Don't pour wet plaster down the sink as it could harden in the pipes - instead mix your plaster in a disposable cup or tub and then throw away any excess in the rubbish.
3. Choose how thick you fill the mold according to how thick you want your finished charm to be.
Wait around 15 minutes for the mixture to start to set then poke a wooden skewer or cotton bud cue tip (with the cotton end cut off) into the mix where you want your hole for your ribbon to be.
4. Leave to set for at least 24 hours.
5. When dry, remove the hearts from the mold (with sticks still in). They should pop out easily and have a smooth finish.
6. Poke the skewer right the way through to complete the hole then remove and discard.
7. Tie ribbon on to the charms.
8. You could make different shapes too - like these little fish.