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Easy Valentine Stenciled Gift Box Craft to make
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Valentine Stenciled Gift Box Craft

Materials you will need:
Acrylic Paint (Works Best) or Tempera
12x18 Red Construction Paper

How to make Valentine Stenciled Gift Box Craft:

1. Cut one piece of 12x18" construction paper in half lengthwise (it will measure 6x18"). Starting at the left edge, glue four 4x4" pieces of chipboard to the paper, with a 1/8" space between to create the sides of the box. Center the chipboard vertically.
2. Cut 1/8" notches in the construction paper at both the top and bottom to make tabs. There should be a notch at each space between the pieces of chipboard. Trim right side to measure 1/2".
3. Fold top tabs over chipboard and glue.
4. Fold bottom tabs at a 90 angle. Using a fifth piece of chipboard, glue the tabs in place to make the bottom of the box.
5. Fold the side tab and glue in place.
6. While holding a heart doilie on the side of the box, dab acrylic over it with the bristle brush to stencil the design. Repeat on all sides with different shades of pink and lavender.