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Easy Valentines Garden Craft to make
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Valentines Garden Craft

Materials you will need:
Dollar store sponge
Green paper
Foam hearts
Green tissue paper
Permanent Markers
Three tooth picks

How to make Valentines Garden Craft:

1. Cut out small (around 1 sq inch) squares from tissue paper.
2. Cut sponge in half-length wise.
3. Cut green paper the same size as the top of sponge.
4. Use extra green paper to cut out small leaf shaped papers.
5. Write Valentines messages on hearts.
6. Glue Green paper on top of sponge, immediately stick three toothpicks through the paper and into the sponge.
7. Make the grass by wrapping tissue squares around pencil end and pressing that onto the greet paper with glue.
8. Tape hearts to tops of tooth picks.
9. Put little daps of glue onto leaves and place them on the sides of the tooth picks.
10. Let dry!