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Easy Mustache Valentine Card Craft to make
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Mustache Valentine Card Craft

Materials you will need:
Red Card Stock
Black Foam
Heart Gemstones
Pink Ribbon
Glue Dots
Hole Punch

How to make Mustache Valentine Card Craft:

1. Cut the card stock into the size card you want to use and fold in half.
2. Using a hole punch make holes 1" down from the fold of the card.
3. Weave the pink ribbon through the holes and tie in the back.
4. Adhere the heart gemstones above the pink ribbon.
5. Cut a mustache shape out of the black foam. Glue the mustache onto the front of the card in the center.
6. With a marker above the mustache write "I"then under the mustache write "You A Question".
7. On the inside of the card write "Will You Be My Valentine?".
8. For the dot on the question mark glue a heart gemstone.