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Easy Love Bird Magnet Craft to make
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Love Bird Magnet Craft

Materials you will need:
1 big red pompom
1 small red pompom
Red craft foam
Orange craft foam
Wiggly eyes

How to make Love Bird Magnet Craft:

1. Click on Printables and trace and cut pattern out of orange craft foam to make the bird's beaks and feet.
2. Glue small pompom on top of the big pompom.
3. Glue the feet to the big pompom. Let dry.
4. Cut two red hearts out of red craft foam and glue to the back of the bird.
5. Glue beak and wiggly eyes to the head of the bird.
6. Cut I love you strip and glue it between the magnet disk and the hearts to the back of the bird.
7. Turn bird on its back and let dry.