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Penguin crafts for kids

New Penguin crafts for kids

Styrofoam Penguin Craft

With a styrofoam body and a fun winter hat it's a great winter craft for kids.

Egg Carton Penguin Craft

This adorable little Egg Carton Penguin will waddle into the hearts of all the y

Beaded Penguin Craft

Kids and grownups both love penguins.

Egg Shaped Penguin Craft

This Egg Shaped Penguin is an easy cut and paste penguin craft for kids in grade

Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Show the kids how to make this easy Paper Plate Penguin.

Glitter Globes Craft

These little critters are fun to make, and fun to play with once you're finished

Penguin People Craft

Recreate some of the magic from the movie Frozen.

Cardboard Tube Penguin Craft

Kids will enjoy making this Cardboard Tube Penguin.

Heart Shaped Penguin Craft

Try to make a lovely Heart Shaped Penguin Craft today!

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