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Winter crafts for kids

New Winter crafts for kids

Shape Polar Bear Craft

This cute polar bear craft is full of different shapes for kids to piece togethe

Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft

This cute snow globe craft is made with two paper plates, a Ziploc bag, lots of

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

It is also a fantastic preschool craft!

Hot Chocolate Mug Craft

This hot chocolate craft is incredibly easy to do and the best part is that your

Igloo Craft

It is bitterly cold here this winter, so as we waited out the current snow storm

Icicle Craft

This icicle craft has huge kid appeal as it consists of only glue and glitter!

Mittens Craft

It's cold outside today and with a 3 year old daughter we have an entire basket

Styrofoam Snowman Craft

Another great Christmas craft made with styrofoam balls!

Snowman Dress Up Mask

Don the whimsical Frosty the Snowman Dress Up Mask and follow the suggested idea

Snowman Jar Craft

Our snowman jar craft is a cute winter craft to make with your kids.

Snowman Craft

This is a fun and cheap craft to do in the build up to Christmas, and can be mad

Icy Ghost Cubes Craft

Ice cubes are great for sensory play and these little ghosts with their funny ey

Easy Cottonbud Snowflake Craft

This craft activity is an easy way to create a snowflake.

Glittery Cottonbud Snowflake Craft

Recreate some of the magic from the movie Frozen.

Handprint Reindeer Hat Craft

Wonderful crafts for kids to wear in winter!

Paper Plate Snowman Craft

Make a paper plate snowman craft and hang on the front door.

Clay Pot Snowman Craft

This clay pot snowman craft is a great winter decoration for the front porch.

Q-tip Snowflake Craft

Makeing Q-tip snowflake is a great activity to welcome the winter season.

Cute Sock Snowman Craft

Single sock can become an adorable snowman craft in no time!

Lantern Snowman Craft

When we can not build snowman out of snow in our yards, this lantern snowman cra

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