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Easy Football Favor Holders Craft to make
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Football Favor Holders Craft

Materials you will need:
Coloured tissue paper cut into 15-20cm squares
Paper mache glue
Glue brush
Kitchen cling wrap
Disposable paper/plastic bowls
Hole punch
Treats to fill

How to make Football Favor Holders Craft:

1. Paint a coat of glue over the base of the bowl.
2. Cover with cling wrap.
3. Paint over another coat of glue.
4. Lay a square of tissue over the bowl and brush it down with glue.
5. Layer another piece of tissue over and brush down.
6. Repeat for about 4 sheets of tissue and leave to dry overnight.
7. This project uses disposable bowls so that many can be made at one time. However, normal crockery bowls will work also.
8. When dry, lift the tissue bowl away from the cling wrap. Punch 5 holes down each side of the football.
9. For laces, thread the wool as pictured.