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Pumpkin crafts for kids

New Pumpkin crafts for kids

Artificial Pumpkin Centerpiece Craft

Would you believe this beautiful Pumpkin Centerpiece is made from a dryer vent t

Pumpkin In A Jar Craft

Make a mason jar into a Pumpkin. In fact let the kids make a whole family of the

Goofy Pumpkins Craft

No need to cut up that pumpkin when the little ones can cut, color and paste a G

Mix and Match Pumpkin Faces Craft

Jack-O-Lanterns are always the centerpiece of Halloween.

Mini Pumpkin Clown Craft

Using her clown as an inspiration, buy enough mini pumpkins for each kid and sup

3-D Paper Pumpkin Craft

This 3-D Paper Pumpkin is a great project for Fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Frankenstein Pumpkin Craft

Make a Frankenstein pumpkin this Halloween.

Mini Pumpkin Black Cat Craft

Halloween is almost here and the kids are getting excited about decorating pumpk

Recycled Milk Jug Pumpkin Candy Holder Craft

Help the kids turn a piece of throw away plastic into a Recycled Milk Jug Pumpki

Pumpkin Magnet Craft

Make this cheerful pumpkin to hold your refrigerater notes for Halloween.

Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin Fall Craft

This fun pumpkin craft is a definite kid favorite, especially in the preschool a

Pumpkin Garland Craft

Here's a new take on the old favorite garland.

Paper Pumpkins Craft

The fun and easy Paper Pumpkins make great decorations that everyone will enjoy.

Halloween Pumpkin Hat Craft

Sometimes all you need is a hat to set your imagination to work.

Mini Pumpkin Craft

Simple fun food craft for Halloween.

Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

The paper plate pumpkin craft makes a great homemade Halloween decoration.

Pumpkin Seeds Craft

Save the pumpkin seeds for funny activities.

Pumpkin Bat Craft

Hung the pumpkin bat crafts for decorating the front porch.

Halloween Pumpkin Spider Craft

Pumpkin Spider Craft is the perfect decoration for the table on Halloween.

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