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New Nature crafts for kids

Hedgehog Paperweight Craft

All you need is the right shaped rock to create this cute little Hedgehog Paperw

Glowing Leaves Craft

In this project, you simply decoupage pressed flowers and leaves to a votive cup

Twig Vase Craft

Take the kids on a nature hike and collect twigs to cover a glass bottle to make

Scanned Leaf Craft

Turn this knowledge into a tool for making crafts in a new way.

Seed Topiary Craft

Learn how to divide and measure a round object the easy way, using rubber bands.

Indoor Greenhouse Craft

Spring is here and it is time to start thinking ahead for our gardens.

Scalloped Edge Flowers Craft

Everyone will love receiving a bouquet of these Scalloped Edge Flowers.

Flower Magnets Craft

Help your children create a garden of unique flowers with our flower magnets cra

Daffodil Photo Magnet Craft

Get ready to turn your refrigerator into a smiling bouquet with a Daffodil photo

Fan Fold Paper Sunflower Craft

The stem of a sunflower can grow up to 10 ft tall and the flower head can be 11.

Retro Window Watchers Craft

These Retro Window Watchers are a good craft for kids ages 6 and up.

Handprint Flowers Craft

These flowers are made from tracings of your child's own hands.

Paper Pinwheel Flower Craft

A cute pinwheel flower will brighten up anyone's day.

Lollipop Flower Craft Craft

This cute homemade valentine is a great preschool craft for Valentine's Day.

Rose Fairy Perfume Craft

It's fun and often remarkably easy to make your own potions and lotions.

Tissue Paper Flower Magnet Craft

Here is a pretty way to embellish or bring some colours to your fridge.

Windmill of Spontaneity Craft

This is a fun nature craft for kids of any age.

Daffodil Cards Craft

An easy, bright and simple card to make for group activity.

Leaf Casts Craft

This is a fun nature craft for kids of any age.

Heart Flower Craft

Simple but fantastic flower craft.

Mushroom House Craft

Build your own imaginative mushroom house.

Cardboard Tube Bee Craft

Use this cardboard tube bee craft to teach the kids everything about bee.

Daffodil Craft

Use this daffodil craft to welcome spring into your house.

Simple Flower Arrangements Craft

Beautiful, simple and different, you have to have a try!

Egg Crate Garden Craft

This way you can make flowers and plants around you!

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