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Easy Paper Plate Tambourine Craft to make
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Paper Plate Tambourine Craft

Materials you will need:
Heavy duty paper or plastic plates
Hole punch
String or yarn
Wide-eyed needle
Materials for decoration - crayons etc.

How to make Paper Plate Tambourine Craft:

Join two heavy duty paper or plastic plates facing each other. You can do this with staples, glue or by punching holes and tying them together. I tied, thus avoiding fingers scraped by staples. I also thought tying would be less likely to come apart. I punched holes with a hole punch in one plate, then used that as a pattern to mark where the holes should go on the other plate. Punching holes in the plastic plate was a little tricky, perhaps requiring some adult help. Using a big needle with a big eye, I threaded mending yarn through the holes, joining the two plates with a knot. I left enough yarn to tie on jingle bells. The star was glued on.