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Easy Watermelon Bead Pattern Craft to make
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Watermelon Bead Pattern Craft

Materials you will need:
Lanyard Hook or Key Ring
2 Feet of Bead Cord
13 Green Pony Beads
29 Hot Pink Pony Beads
7 Black Pony Beads
White Glue

How to make Watermelon Bead Pattern Craft:

Stiffen the ends of the cord with white glue. Let dry. Tie a lanyard hook or key ring to middle of the cord. On the right hand cord string on one hot pink pony bead. With the left hand cord go through the same bead in the opposite direction. Pull on both cords, tightening the beads up close to the lanyard hook. Repeat with the second row, stringing on 3 hot pink pony beads. Weave a total of seven rows using the pattern as a guide. Tie off each cord close to the last bead. Dab a bit of white glue on each knot. Let dry. Trim.