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Easy Jars of Love Craft to make
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Jars of Love Craft

Materials you will need:
Recycled glass jars
PVA/ craft glue

How to make Jars of Love Craft:

1. Soak the jar to remove all labels and any sticky residue. Ensure your jar is fully dry before you start.
2. Using the paintbrush and glue paint hearts onto your jar. Be careful to not use too much glue as it will slide along the jar surface.
3. Sprinkle your image with glitter. We used red and silver glitter to keep with the Valentine's theme.
4. Work your way slowly around the surface of the jar. You may want to complete it in stages to ensure that each section has time to dry to prevent smudging.
5. You can also use the paint instead of the glue. If the paint is not layered on too thick it has a quick drying time. You can still sprinkle glitter onto the painted surface.
6. Use a cotton bud to clean up any messy edges or remove excess glitter.
7. Set your painted jar to the side to dry.
8. Cut or tear your paper into little strips.
9. Write a special love note on each strip of paper. If your little one wants to create the notes but is too small to write, have them draw little pictures instead.
10. Roll the strips of paper and tie off with a pretty ribbon to create little scrolls.
11. Once your jar is dry, fill it with the love notes and sweets or lollies to give to your loved one.