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Easy Puppy Love Valentine Craft to make
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Puppy Love Valentine Craft

Materials you will need:
Letter Stickers

How to make Puppy Love Valentine Craft:

1. Click on Printables and print out pattern. Using photo as a guide, trace all pattern pieces on correct color papers. Cut out.
2. Spray one side of black hearts. Turn over and place on top of large silver hearts. Spray one side of large red hearts with Tacky Spray and place on top of black hearts.
3. Spray one side of small white hearts with Tacky Spray. Press onto small silver hearts.
4. Place large hearts upside down and on top of each other. See photo. Spray tip of bottom heart with Tacky Spray. Place top heart right on top of sprayed area. Refer photo for placement.
5. Spray back of one small heart and press right side up in center of top heart for nose. Repeat for heart at chest. See photo.
6. On remaining 4 small hearts spray tips on backs and press on for ears and feet. See photo.
7. Draw in eyes with permanent marker. Apply sticker letters below heart on chest.