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Easy Styrofoam Spider Craft to make
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Styrofoam Spider Craft

Materials you will need:
3" styrofoam ball
4 black pipe cleaners
Black craft paint
Red 3-D paint
2 large googly eyes
Serrated knife
Paint brush

How to make Melted Bead Spinning Top Craft:

1. Use the serrated knife to cut a small piece off the bottom of the styrofoam ball so that it sits flat.
2. Paint the ball black and set aside to dry.
3. Cut each pipe cleaner in half and bend slightly in the middle. Insert 4 "legs" on one side of the spider and 4 legs on the other.
4. Use the red 3-D paint to paint a smile on the spider's face.
5. Push the large googly eyes down into the top of the styrofoam ball to make an indent. Remove the eyes, add glue and place back in the formed indent.