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New Bug crafts for kids

Egg Carton Litter Bug Craft

Recycle those egg carton and create your own unique litter bug in the process.

Folded Paper Butterfly Craft

Here is a little different variation on the folded paper butterfly. It's light a

Magnetic Flower Butterflies Craft

Refrigerator magnets are always popular and these are sure to brighten up anyone

Duct Tape Butterfly Craft

Here's a simple craft that will update the room for a teenager who wants to go f

Paper Plate Spider Web Craft

This paper plate spider web craft is a fun twist on your typical spider craft fo

Caterpillar Turns into a Butterfly Craft

Kids will love making this caterpillar craft that eventually turns into a butter

Ring Ding Spider Craft

Make a whole plate and leave them out at your halloween party.

Duct Tape Butterfly Craft

Here's a simple craft that will update the room for a teenager who wants to go f

Fun Bee Plant Poke Craft

Plant and flowers are blooming and this Fun Bee Plant Poke is an attractive deco

Bottle Cap Caterpillar Craft

Bottle Cap Caterpillar Craft!

Cardboard Tube Butterflies Craft

Teens will want to recycle those toilet paper rolls into these Cardboard Tube Bu

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Craft

The kids will love making this Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Craft in all different col

Pop Up Butterfly Craft

This beautiful Pop up Butterfly will make a perfect get well or birthday card an

Recycled Puzzle Piece Butterfly Craft

Recycle those old puzzle pieces into a Recycled Puzzle Piece Butterfly.

Bookworm Buddy Craft

As your child finishes a book, the Bookworm Buddy grows with a new ball for his

Ladybug Balloon Craft

The Ladybug Balloon will not float, but will stand on a flat surface and bounce

Litter Bug Craft

Kids will really enjoy making their own unique craft version of this Litter Bug.

Springtime Yarn Bug Craft

The bugs come alive in the spring and we're bringing you the cutest Springtime Y

All A-Quiver Caterpillar Craft

Our All A-Quiver Caterpillar loves to wiggle in the wind and make little faces l

Inch Worm Clip Clip Craft

Get into the Spring spirit with this easy to make Inch Worm Clip Clip.

Recycled Cicipillers Craft

These cute little Recycled Cicipillers will crawl into your heart and hang aroun

Fluttering Monarch Butterfly Craft

Do you know how to tell a male from a female monarch butterfly?

Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft

Spring is the time when all the creepy crawly little creatures come out to explo

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Magnet Craft

All you need are some colorful pipe cleaners, and glue and you can have a world

Spider in a Lacing Card Web Craft

Spider webs are a source of wonder and amazement.

Spoon Button Butterfly Craft

Here's how to create a pretty spoon button butterfly with lots of different text

Felt Ladybug

Younger children will spend hours playing with your creation, but cannot partici

Spider Lollipops Craft

These Spider Lollipops are a fun way to add some Halloween fun to kid's "trick o

Egg Carton Ladybird Craft

This activity is a simple activity using egg cartons to create a cut ladybird.

Styrofoam Spider Craft

Our styrofoam spider craft is a great bug craft for kids!

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