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Bird crafts for kids

New Bird crafts for kids

Bluebird of Happiness Craft

This little bluebird is even simpler to make than it looks.

Birds in Nest Craft

This is a cute spring craft that can be used as a Mother's Day gift with three t

Hummingbird Craft

This hummingbird craft was a lot of fun to put together for our daughter as it i

Pom Pom Baby Birds Craft

Create your own cute and cuddly family of baby birds out of colorful yarn.

Paper Cup Crow Craft

As autumn rolls in and farmers work on their harvest, the crows will be looking

Robin Craft

Seeing a robin is a sign that spring is around the corner, and after this long w

Paper Plate Bluebird Craft

Spring is in the air and the birds are returning to build their nests and hunt f

Peacock Craft Craft

This is a great craft for preschoolers as it involves paint, glue skills.

Cardboard Tube Peacock Craft

Cute little Cardboard Tube Peacock. Create your own original cardboard tube crea

Easy Paper Bird

Create your own feathered bird friends with just a few pieces of paper.

Paper Bird Craft

Young children will especially find this activity fun.

Bird With Feathers Craft

Colorful feathers and movable wings.

Birds Nest Collage Craft

All ages love this delightful birds nest collage.

Bald Eagle Craft

Make this fuzzy and cute bald eagle craft.

DIY Milk Carton Bird Feeder Craft

Kids and their feathered friends will love this homemade bird feeder.

Egg Chick Craft

Egg Chick Craft is a lovely and simple craft which kids love very much.

Blue Baby Birds Craft

This is a cute and fun spring time craft for preschoolers on up!

Bird Napkin Holder Craft

Can the kids find out where the napkin is?

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